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Student Concert 2023

Important Information about Student Concert on 12 March 2023

Tickets Retrieval
Your confirmed tickets are ready to be picked up at our centre from 6 March 2023 Monday. It would be best to pick up before or after your lesson, otherwise please kindly note our general opening hours:

Happy Music Academy
Tuesday - Friday 13:30-18:30
Saturday 09:00-15:00

Concert Call Time
Session 1: 2:00pm
Session 2: 4:00pm
(There will be intermission in each session, we encourage students to support and appreciate their peers' performances.)

Instruments and others
Apart from drums, percussion and piano students, please prepare your own instruments. 
Please make sure to bring along sheet music/ Music scores.
For guitar and ukulele students, please contact us by 9 March if you need to borrow an instrument.

Warm up
There will be a short warm up time for piano students before each session and during intermissions, because it is a new instrument to perform on.
We suggest students who play other instruments to warm up at home a bit before coming to the venue.
For violin/viola students, teacher will help with tuning before each session and during intermissions.

Photography and video recording
We have arranged professional photographer and video recording of the concert. 
We understand parents might wish to capture the moment by themselves, please make sure devices are muted and refrain from using camera flash during the entire concert.

Dress Code
Smart casual or formal

If there is any other questions about the concert, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

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