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About Us


Our Vision

Through music and sound, to educate and empower individuals to promote better selves.

Teacher and Pupil

Our Mission

Bringing music professionals with various talents together, to tailor programmes of music education, music therapy and sound healing that inspire growth, betterment, awareness, and overall soundness for individuals from all walks of life and age.

Caring Child

Our Values


By offering high quality music education that accommodates clients’ potential, pace and goal, we strive to deliver satisfying and stress-free learning experience.


Through creative expressions clients can actualize oneself and develop potential to the fullest.


Everyone can fulfil a life of soundness. Music and sound are keys to open that possibility.


The path to soundness is unique for each individual. We help our clients explore the best possible path.


All programmes for our clients are curated on the bases of meticulous observation and analysis derived from the field of music therapy or sound healing.


Message from Heidi

Percussion Teacher

Sound Healing Practitioner

Reiki Energy Healer
Director of Soundness Studio

I have always been grateful for the privilege to work with music through percussion, singing and sound healing. The vibration of sounds serves me in so many ways, especially as an expression and healing tool. I am thrilled to create this space with our team to nurture all rounded wellness of our students through music education. Thank you for embarking this journey with us!

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