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Bonnie KEH


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Bonnie Keh is a passionate Calligrapher who enjoys exploring a wide range of styles - Copperplate, Engrosser’s Script, Italic, Gothic, Spencerian and Pointed Pen Flourishing, studying with Calligraphy masters around the world including Anne Elser, Eleanor Winters, Heather Held, Schin Loong and Susanne Cunningham.  Apart from continuous learning to strengthen her skills, Keh is keen to share her love of Calligraphy through teaching.  She has recently worked with HK Breast Cancer Foundation and Tung Wah Group of Hospitals giving Calligraphy workshops.


Bonnie embarked the journey of self-healing through the art of Calligraphy during a challenging phase in her life. Through mindful practice of penmanship, she reconnected with her inner peace and learnt to embrace imperfections in scripting as well as in life.  Among many calligraphy techniques, she is most devoted to the art of flourishing. As the letters grow freely at pen points, life flourishes liberally at hearts. Keh is grateful for opportunities to share the healing powers of Calligraphy, working with her students together towards self expression, emotional wellness and peaceful mind.

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Bonnie Keh 醉心西洋書法藝術,熱衷於研習多種書法風格,包括 Copperplate、Engrosser’s Script、Italic、Gothic、Spencerian 及 Pointed Pen Flourishing。曾跟隨多位世界知名西洋書法大師研習,如Anne Elser、Eleanor Winters、Heather Held、Schin Loong 和 Susanne Cunningham等等。除持續進修提升技巧外,Bonnie亦熱心教學,近年香港乳癌基金會及東華三院舉辦工作坊分享西洋書法藝術。


多年前面對健康失衡的挑戰,Bonnie在西洋書法研習中展開她的心靈療癒旅程。透過覺醒的書法練習,她重拾了內心的平靜,更學會接納擁抱作品以至人生中的不完美。在眾多書法風格中,Bonnie尤其鍾愛Pointed Pen Flourishing,筆墨在紙張上自由優雅舞動,抒發情感,賞心悦目。Bonnie 期待在未來教學中分享更多西洋書法藝術的療癒力,和學生們一同在筆墨中表達自我,體驗內心的平靜和培養情緒健康。

ig @healingletters

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