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Canaan FONG

Creator of Gigi Fong

Art Jamming

Body Positivity


Canaan Fong graduated with BSc in Global China Studies at The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. She is a arts and culture freelancer whose works include creative writing, lyric writing, illustration, physical theatre, music video productions, and artist promotion management etc. Her works as a lyricist include HOCC’s “Sparkle”, Kiri T’s “Daughters” and “Fuvk the Fairytale”. In 2020, she published “You Said No”, an illustrated book based on an original character that she created called “Gigi Fong” and held an art exhibition that promoted body positivity and self-love. In recent years, she followed her curiosity and began her exploration in spiritual learning, particularly in colour consciousness. 

Instagram: @gigifongbemytrueself

方迦南 Canaan Fong



2020年以自創角色「脂脂肪 Gigi Fong」出版繪本《你說不對》及舉辦畫展,宣揚所有身體都美、愛自己、做自己的觀念。

填詞作品包括何韻詩《我總是想像你離開後的日子》、 《你尚未成為的》、Kiri T《囡》、《Fuvk The Fairytale》及Zain X Kiri T《自作孽》。

2021年與幾位女性療癒師成立Healing Arts Club,致力創造一個女性藝術療癒的空間,相信每個人在療癒自己的同時,也會一點一滴療癒自己的母親。



Instagram: @gigifongbemytrueself ​

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