Faith Sze

Soundness kids

ATCL in Piano (Trinity College London)

Grade 8 in Flute (ABRSM)

ANCOS Level 4 (Orff)

Faith bio pic

Faith Sze is a devoted music teacher with vast experience, with over 15 years of teaching experience with students all ages. Faith has attained ATCL Diploma in Piano Performance from Trinity College London and ABRSM Grade 8 Flute. Passionate in early children music education, Sze is a  ANCOS Orff Level 4 and former Kindermusik®️ educator.

Her teaching style is creative, friendly, encouraging and flexible to cater each student's needs.

She strives to provide positive learning experience to students while building trust and great communication

with parents. 

Apart from playing the piano and the flute, Faith also enjoys meditation and playing the harp leisurely.

Through music education, she wish to raise the qualities of self-awareness and foster love and enjoyment of music with her students.