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Heidi Law

Heidi Law is a Hong Kong based ​Musician, Sound Healing Practitioner, Percussionist, Singer and Educator. Born in Hong Kong, she was awarded scholarships for graduate studies at Shepherd School of Music, Rice University, where she acquired a Master of Music in Percussion Performance. She is also a graduate from the Chinese University of Hong Kong with Bachelor of Arts (Hons.) in Music.

Heidi is passionate about sound healing, energy healing and a wide range of mindfulness practices, she is keen on cultivating her knowledge and experience as sound and energy healing practitioner. Heidi is devoted to Sound Healing, she is a Sound Healing Practitioner trained by The College of Sound Healing (UK). Law is a Reiki practitioner with Usui Reiki Master Level and Karuna Reiki Master Level and Sekhem Master Level, she is also a Certified Meditation Teacher. Apart from private sound and energy healing sessions, Heidi is often invited to give Sound Healing Workshops and Group Sound Healing Sessions for corporates and general public, including Sound Healing Workshop presented by Junior Chamber International Tai Ping Shan for staff members of Chow Tai Fook; Sound Healing Hearts workshop with Healing Arts Festival 2021; Unison Heart Healing Co-hosted with Vicky Fung by Social Gathering Music Camp at Tai Kwun by Every Life is a Song in 2021 July; Voice and Chi Workshop and Sound Journey at Tai Kwun Co-facilitated with Sheeta Ng and Teriver Cheung in Nov 2021; Self-Love Sound Journey by Heidi Law at WeWeave Festival at The Mills in Dec 2021; Teen's Key Heal Yourself with Voice workshop in May 2022; Vicky Fung's “Soul Walk” – An interactive music & mind experience and Live in May 2022; Integrated Seminar on Sound Healing for Caritas Institute of Higher Education School of Humanities and Languages in June 2022; Women's Festival Hong Kong "Reconnecting with your Womb: A Sound Healing Circle" in Aug 2022, etc. In 2021, along with a community of therapists, artists and healers, Heidi is hosting a healing space for women - Healing Arts Club.

As a passionate educator, Heidi is the co-director and co-founder Soundness Studio in Causeway Bay Hong Kong. Law served as percussion teacher at institutes including St. Paul's Co-Educational College Primary School and Ying Wah Primary School, St. Stephen's Girl's College and the Music Office.

As a local multi-faceted percussionist, she has performed with artists, musicians and groups across a wide spectrum of genres; she also performs as a singer in contemporary art settings and as chorus in Pop concerts. Law gave her debut multimedia concert 怎麼了?in 2012; followed by project support by HKADC emerging artists grant More than a Concert: Give yourself YOU in 2013. In 2015, she initiated multimedia concert Dialogue of Trees, Hong Kong - Norway in collaboration with New Media Artist Vvzela Kook and Norwegian Duo DonkeyJam, the project was staged in Hong Kong Nov 2015, and toured in Norway Mar 2017. Law has also developed interests in sound art works and music design in theatre setting, including her recent work "Lantau Today" for

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羅鎧欣是一位音樂工作者、聲頻療癒工作者、敲擊樂手、歌者、音樂教育工作者。出生於香港,羅氏2008年畢業於香港中文大學音樂系,於2010年獲美國Rice University Shepherd School of Music頒授獎學金完成音樂碩士課程,主修敲擊樂演奏。

羅氏熱衷於聲頻和能量療癒,一直積極進修不同療癒手法。羅氏現為 The College of Sound Healing (UK) 培訓的聲頻療癒師,同時為臼井靈氣大師級和慈悲靈氣大師級治療師。她亦是獲證書認可的靜坐冥想導師。除了個人聲頻和能量療癒,羅氏亦不時獲邀為公眾及商業機構舉行聲頻療癒工作坊, 其中包括太平山青年商會為周大福集團舉行的聲頻療癒工作坊;Healing Arts Festival 2021 的 Sound Healing Hearts Workshop; 2021年七月於大館與馮穎琪一起為一個人一首歌主持的聲頻療癒工作坊:Unison Heart Healing;2021年十一月於大館與吳少慧及張駿豪主持的「聲音與氣」工作坊和聲音療癒之旅; 2021年十二月南豐紗廠編織生活節 2021的Self-Love 聲頻療癒旅程 by Heidi Law;2022年5月青躍 Teen's Key 的聲頻療癒工作坊;2022年5月馮穎琪的《與自己彳亍》─ 互動音樂自癒體驗 /音樂會;2022年6月明愛專上學院人文及語言學院研討會《人聲和樂器的療癒力:聲頻療癒簡介和體驗》;2022年8月香港女人節《與你的子宮連結:聲音療癒圈,等等。2021年,羅氏與一眾藝術家和治療師創立了Healing Arts Club,一個匯聚的女性社群,透過共同體驗推動身心靈全面健康。


作為本地多元化的敲擊樂手,羅氏曾經與跨界別藝術家、音樂家及樂團演出。羅氏亦作歌唱演出,近年為歌手作錄音或現場和唱巡迴演出。羅氏於2012年創作多媒體音樂會怎麼了?,又於2013年獲香港藝術發展局新苗計劃資助,舉辦多媒體音樂會 More than a Concert: 《把自己還給自己》。羅氏於2015年聯同挪威樂手組合DonkeyJam及新媒體創作人Vvzela Kook於香港舉辦《樹語:香港—挪威》多媒體音樂會,此計劃於2017年3月在挪威重演五場作文化交流。同時作聲音藝術的多方面嘗試,並為不同戲劇及舞台作品作音樂設計,如為02022020.space創作的Lantau Today等。

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